Our Films

Under Lockdown

Genre: Human Rights Documentary
Year: 2020
Stage: Completed
Duration: 8 min
Co-Produced: by STEPS
Funders: STEPS & Documentary Filmmakers, Association of South Africa.


Genre: Personal Documentary
Year: 2018 to present
Stage: Post-Production
Duration: 90 min
Funders: Hot Docs Blue Ice Group Fund, National Film & Video Foundation, Institute For Creative Arts (UCT), SABC 1


Genre: Magic Realism
Year: 2020 to present
Stage: Development
Duration: 90 min
Funders:National Film & Video Foundation


Genre: Drama
Year: 2016
Stage: Completed
Duration: 15 min
Funder: National Film & Video Foundation.

PSC_Celebrating Herstory Through Song_Poster R

Genre: Musical Documentary
Year: 2021
Stage: Completed
Duration: 12 min
Funder: Tekano

Brown Minimal Photography Media Kit

Genre: Romantic Drama
Year: 2022 to present
Stage: Development
Duration: 90 min
Funder: T.B.C

Our Corporate Videos

Promotional Video
Duration: 1 min 40sec

Promotional Video
Duration: 4 min 40 sec
Pilot Reality Series
Duration: 25 min
Live Event Coverage
Duration: 40 sec