Our Impact Work

Film & TV Work Readiness Workshop

Designed for film students and job seekers who need the tools to secure and retain employment opportunities.

It closes the gap between the employer’s expectations of the skills and knowledge of new entrants and the actual levels of professionalism and awareness of the new entrants.

Social Impact Campaigns

Film-driven social impact campaigns are a powerful catalyst for behavioural changes that result in social impact, that is why our campaigns are targeted at underserved audience members. Our campaigns encourage audience members to make a positive change by taking actions such as signing petitions, volunteering etc.

Crowdfunding Campaigns

PSC conceptualises tailor-made crowdfunding campaigns for film projects.

The crowdfunding campaigns are driven by digital marketing.

So far, PSC has conducted three crowdfunding campaigns that have raised over R185 000.

Training & Skills Development

PSC offers experiential training to film graduates, aspiring filmmakers from previously disadvantaged communities and female technicians.

Our training programme is based on three core pillars:
Professional Development, Personal Mastery and Social Consciousness.