Passion Seed Communications (PSC) is a TV and film production company that is geared towards the promotion of minority languages. PSC utilizes the mediums of TV and film to create awareness about socially relevant issues in ingenious African languages. Writer, independent filmmaker and entrepreneur Sihle Hlophe founded the company at the end of 2014. Minority languages are underrepresented in the South African media landscape and PSC aims to change this. Although English is the dominant language in the South African media sector, many South Africans are not proficient in the language. As a result, they struggle to understand socially relevant media messages that are targeted specifically at them.

By conceptualizing and implementing film and TV content in minority languages, PSC ensures that the right message gets to the right people in the right language at the right time. Since the introduction of television in South Africa in 1976, indigenous African languages have not received the same amount of resources and representation as English and Afrikaans. The South African broadcasting sector is a highly competitive, multi-channel market environment with powerful social, political and economic forces to contend with, this makes it difficult for the national broadcasters to fulfill their mandate of treating all eleven official languages equally. As a result, languages such as SiSwati, Ndebele and Xitsonga are underrepresented on national television. It is time for minority language speakers to enjoy the same constitutional privileges as majority languages speakers.

PSC is determined to bridge the gap between the media and minority language speaking audiences by producing both fiction and non-fiction works that resonate with the audience. By producing cultural products that are entertaining, engaging and relevant, PSC aims to attract audiences from all over the globe and introduce them to our beautiful local languages. PSC has a fresh, youthful and critical approach to TV and film production. The primary aim of this organization is to contribute towards the promotion of marginalized voices. PSC also provides training and development services that are aimed at teaching aspiring filmmakers and entrepreneurs about a vital skill – proposal writing. The team prides itself on its impeccable work ethic, stellar organizational skills and highly creative ideas.

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